Intuitive, Magician, Wizard...

Intuitive, Magician, Wizard these were my repeated descriptors of Gaelyn Larrick through the months she masterfully designed Heart Wings. With deep appreciation I recall her heartfelt patience, flexibility and superb artistry while creating a completed product that brought me such pride and joy. The cover included the creation of a logo that was better than the one I imagined and professional tweaking to render a less-than-perfect painting beautiful. Equally compelling was the complementary interior design, including the artfully designed photo pages. I can’t imagine entrusting future books, the expression of my life work, to anyone but Gaelyn.

Vicki Johnson - Author, Heart Wings

Uniquely Creative

Gaelyn Larrick is one of the most uniquely creative artists I have worked with. Whether she’s at work on a book cover, a CD cover or a web page, you can be certain that Gaelyn’s approach and end result will give you more than you expected and capture the attention of many. Great graphic artists are far and few between. Once you’ve worked with Gaelyn, you need not look any further!

– Maureen Moss 4-time award winning author, President of The World Puja Network

A Sheer Dream to Work With

Gaelyn Larrick is an immensely talented graphic designer, really a fine artist working in the commercial world of making, for us, a book cover that almost magically captures the unique story and energy of a hi-tech fantasy novel. 

My wife-partner Linda and I have pretty demanding eyes--and we both consider her cover for my novel Ultimaya 1.0 nothing less than a work of art. She is also a sheer dream to work with, goes way out of her way to get things just right, and has a passion for making images that express the spirit of an author's words.

Also, she charges far less than she's worth. I've only reluctantly agreed to offer this testimonial provided she keeps room for us on her calendar which will surely fill way up as others discover her. You deserve her artistry for your book cover or other graphic design needs!"

Saniel Bonder, author, Ultimaya 1.0: The Trouble with the Wishes of Leopold Stokes

A Miracle Worker

Gaelyn Larrick is an extraordinarily talented artist, whose heart and soul are expressed through her work. She took on an emergency art project for me and fused her spirit, talent, energy very professionally into meeting my needs in a timely way; I will always be grateful and appreciative of her skills, and more than that to her sensitivity to the spirit of the projects that she works on. If your project is meant to enlighten or change the world, Gaelyn is the answer to one's prayers, a miracle worker. I would highly recommend her to those who need special graphics for their projects.

– Carol Brouillet

She Has a Gift for Understanding the Essence of What You Want

When I first saw the book cover that Gaelyn designed for me, I cried! She has such a gift for understanding the essence of what you want to convey through your cover design. I loved working with Gaelyn every step of the way. The high level of integrity in her artistry produces results that are truly Grace made manifest in form.

Rita Ann Shankara, author of The Rita Lila: A Western Yogini's Journey to Bliss

A Truly Gifted Artist

Gaelyn is a truly gifted artist. She opened to our dream of Embracing Wholeness and manifested a design that represents the pure vision of our work. Thank you so much Gaelyn!

– JoAnna Pepe and Sheila Firnstein, Co-founders of Embracing Wholeness - Counseling, Psyche and Soul Work.

You Make a Difference in My Day

I saw your name in my email inbox and said to myself "It's so nice to work with someone that's so nice". It felt like a bit of a relief. Just thought I'd let you know you make a difference in my day. Thanks for being so lovely to work with. Wishing you love, happiness and success and excitement!

Christy Salinas, Art Director, Hay House